How I went from managing a team to creating the UK's first bespoke digital wedding planning workshop, empowering

the DIY Bride to plan her perfect day!

Growing up, I always felt an uneasy shame around my desperate need to do lots of different things with my life.


I'm a naturally curious person and so my brain runs comfortably at 100mph.


Multi-passionate, Lacklustre approval and the Coronavirus...

I kept my excitable passions strapped down to avoid a lacklustre approval from those that thought I was just on another one of my 'missions' and then I met the online world and these people taught me to embrace my curiosities and to delete those unrealistic ideas that you have to be good at one thing, to follow one path and so my response to people that would ask me what I do for a living was, 'I'm a multi-passionate entrepreneur'. 

I've been working in different areas of the wedding industry for 11 years, having supported brides in their planning process and originally 'Wed-in-Bliss' was actually a physical workshop that was to travel the UK and teach brides my step-by-step approach for planning their weddings, but logistically I knew that that type of product had a shelf life, a ceiling to how many brides I could reach and help so after a long development period with my bestie and bridesmaid, Alisha Smith, who co-hosts the workshop with me, it was finally time to launch this little baby and it did, on Valentines Day 2020, right before the world was flipped upside down and we went into lockdown amidst the tragedy that was the Coronavirus!

Building and launching a new business in the middle of a pandemic has been quite the experience. 

Starting with a bang!

Not one for doing anything by half, I figured let's go hard or go home!

On the day that 'Wed-in-Bliss' launched, we were setting up the stall at the National Wedding Show, the biggest UK wedding fair there is and we toured with them up and down the UK for Spring 2020 to really get to know and understand the struggles and the needs of the modern-day bride.

The incredible reaction to my little company that was once a figment of my imagination from both customers and industry professionals was unreal!

My mission was to bring my expertise, creativity and extensive research to the DIY bride who was looking to either go it alone without a wedding planner or to be more prepared for when she chooses one!

Talking to brides and figuring out what their pain points were was an affirmation that I had created the right product that answered the right questions. 


The feeling of selling your first workshop and then your second, and then the third and then it just spirals from there, well my heart felt like it could burst! The elation of knowing that you had created that product and that you could actually help those brides that needed your support and guidance - it just put everything into perspective.

And so, here we are - still a baby but growing every day and we're building the most beautiful little community for everyone to enjoy, across the globe, because that my friends is the power of the internet. 

Are you ready to take the stress out of planning your wedding and to put the fun back in?



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You're choosing a supplier because they sing from the same hymn sheet as you! Their job is to bring your visions to life so let's find you that perfect vendor...

 Stepping into Your Savvy!

A super savvy boss bride speaks right into my heart! Let's see what it really takes to organise your wedding like a boss babe QUEEN!

A Little About Me

A full-blown Pinterest addict with easily over 100 boards.

Well, I told you I was multi-passionate and I really did mean it because I've also had success as a Musician, Actress and Screenwriter having lived in New York City for 7 years.

I run an amazing community for musicians called 'The Unsigned Artist' and you'll hear more from these on my upcoming podcast for Wed-in-Bliss! You'll be choosing your first dance from our Unsigned Artist community, I'm sure of it!

I used to hate the taste of gin and now I can't get enough of the stuff (Try the Whitley Neil Raspberry or Blackberry gin with a Mediterranean tonic!!)

Obsessed with home decor, baking and learning something new each day!

If I had to choose my favourite band, it has to be Fleetwood Mac.

I might also have a small addiction to coffee but I'm working through that one...

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