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Customer Care

We pride ourselves at Wed-in-Bliss on exceptional customer service and care, providing a safe space and a community of positivity, inclusion and inspiration for engaged couples to feel supported with the planning process of their big day.

We will always aim to respond to any enquiries within a 24 hour period and will always accommodate the customer's needs where possible.

Privacy & Safety

Personal information is general information that can reasonably be used to identify or contact you. When you use our services, we may collect and store personal information about you to improve the services that we provide to all of our users. This will be used for the sole purpose of Wed-in-Bliss and will not be sent to any third party companies. 

We do not tolerate any offensive language or negative comments across the Wed-in-Bliss home platform and will respond strongly to any such behaviours which will result in further actions being taken. 

Payment Methods

Credit / Debit Cards  - PAYPAL

Any offline payments will be carried out through our SumUp payment processors at any events and exhibitions 

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