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The Video Workshop!

'How To Plan Your Wedding!'

'How To Plan Your Wedding' is a fun and easy, step by step guide that gives you all of the tips and tricks for bringing your dream wedding to life. Pair side with a side of delicious cake & an ice-cold glass of bubbles to sweeten the experience and you're good to go!

I've broken this baby down into 11 chapters, making it easy to follow and to consume into bite-sized, manageable pieces. Hover over each module to see what you can expect and then come along and join me and my bestie/bridesmaid, Alisha Smith, as we get creative in helping you to plan your perfect day!


Dream Exercise

Let's take a moment to imagine what your big day could look like and to begin building up a vision for the type of wedding you would like to have.


First Three Steps

Keeping things nice and simple, let's kickstart the planning process with the first three vital steps!


Wedding Party

We're discussing the roles & responsibilities of the

wedding party.

Core Vendors

Breaking down the core suppliers that will play an integral part in your wedding, providing you with advice, tips, tools & templates.


Running Timeline

Working backwards from the end of the evening to the moment that you wake up, I'm going to help you to realistically plan and schedule your big day.

The 12 Month Countdown

The official Wed-in-Bliss

12 Month Countdown will give you a solid structure, helping you to avoid any rushing around and missing important dates and tasks!


Not only will you get to enjoy the workshop but you'll also receive a 100 page downloadable


completely FREE with the video workshop!

It's packed full of extra tips, tricks and templates to run alongside the video workshop.

Breaking down each part of the workshop in more detail, it offers examples and activities to put in place the tasks and exercises discussed in the workshop, making them even more actionable.

You'll be able to download your workbook in the VIP lounge once you have purchased the workshop! 


Rowena & Lwis

Nicola & Alisha guide you step by step, they make everything easier and much more fun!

They take time to listen and are available to answer any questions.

Don’t be shy, if you are still hesitating stop right now!

Screen Shot 2020-04-21 at 13.48.48.png

Ffion & Chris

You've made my wedding planning process so easy, fun and ORGANISED!!

Screen Shot 2020-04-21 at 13.24.51.png

Sam & Frankie

They were so clear in each video, taking us through everything step by step and we never felt rushed or stressed!


Sarah & Sam

They really know their stuff! They gave us loads of tips & things that we hadn't even thought of to make our big day amazing.

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