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  • What is the difference between each planning package?
    Each package differs based on your needs and the stage that you're at in your planning process. - The Tidy Bride planning package is perfect if you have most of your suppliers booked in and you're ready to piece it all together and to bring your vision to life. The package offers structure and guidance. - The Bliss Bride planning package is for brides who are in the early stages of planning and have possibly booked a few of her suppliers already. It's great for brides who want to maintain control but have the guidance and support of an expert by their side. - The Boss Bride planning package is for the bride who wants the ultimate, stress-free experience where all communications and negotiations are handled in house by myself. She will have the option to be as hands on as she wishes to be within the building of the wedding.
  • How long is my planning package?
    When you purchase a planning package it starts from either your agreed joining date or if time allows, at the point of purchase. It will run right through to your wedding date. Once you're married, we will engage in a recovery (celebratory) call where we will take a look at the budget and will address any post wedding deadlines or payments outstanding.
  • What will we cover in our 1:1 virtual planning sessions?
    Our private planning sessions will cover in extensive detail the four key areas of planning your wedding: 1. Your Vision 2. Your Budget 3. Your Suppliers 4. Your Schedules & Timelines These sessions will last for 60 minutes each and will be carried out across the timespan of your planning process.
  • How many hours of 1:1 virtual planning sessions do I get with each package?
    In amongst all of the goodies that come alongside of your planning packages, you'll also receive a number of virtual planning sessions with me, Nikki. The number of vitual planning sessions differ across the three packages offered and are as follows: The Tidy Bride - 5 hours of 1:1 planning sessions The Bliss Bride - 10 hours of 1:1 planning sessions The Boss Bride - 15 hours of 1:1 planning sessions These hours will be spread accordingly across the duration of the time between purchase and the wedding itself and will be based on the time scale needed to complete each area of the wedding. *PLEASE NOTE* Dependant on the time scale between purchase and completion, there may be large periods of time where tasks have been completed and we are waiting to move into the next stage of planning. Communication will always be open, however use this time to move forward with any tasks that we may have discussed.
  • Will you speak to and negotiate with my suppliers?
    We will only speak to and negotiate with suppliers if you have purchased our full service planning package, 'The Boss Bride'. We will however, support you in communicating with your chosen suppliers so that you get the best package deal you can with them.
  • Will you be there on the day?
    With the nature of Wed-in-Bliss being an online, virtual service, we will not be with you on the day. We will however, work with your venue to make sure that their events co-ordinator is understanding of the plans that we've put in place. With every angle covered, we'll have a plan in place for each segment of the day. We will be working to make sure that your support system are aware of the days festivities and that they feel confident in rolling out the plans we've set in place together.
  • What is your refund policy?
    Upon purchasing you may have paid a deposit. This deposit is a non-refundable deposit and will be taken off your final balance. Once you have paid the final balance OR the first installment of your payment plan, you'll have a 7 day grace period where during this time, you'll have access to the video workshop and dependant on your package, your downloadable bonus gifts. During these 7 days you'll be eligible for a full refund of all monies paid except the non-refundable deposit. After the 7 days and once your welcome gift box full of goodies has been shipped out to you, we will be unable to offer any further options for a refund due to the access granted into our online members portal for the video workshop, the downloaded and physical gifts received plus the time already spent virtually to explore your plans for the big day. Apologies in advance for any inconvenience caused.
  • What if I need to postpone or cancel my wedding?
    Due to the latest experience with the Coronavirus pandemic, it makes sence that you're considering all of your options. Dependant on whether you need to make the unfortunate pivot of rescheduling or cancelling your wedding, we will be with you every step of the way. If needs must and we need to move your wedding into a new date, we will be with you to support you throughout.
  • Are there any delivery charges with the video workshop?
    Nope! The video workshop is a digital and downloadble product and so, unless agreed upon there will be no physical item mailed to you. Once a product is purchased, it will be sent to your email address along with any necessary directions.
  • After purchase, where will I access the video workshop?"
    You'll be able to access the video workshop via our members lounge on the website with full instructions on how to do so upon purchase via the downloadable PDF that will appear in your email inbox shortly after. ANY OTHER PRODUCTS bought from the site, will drop into your email inbox as a PDF file or document.
  • How long do I have to complete the workshop?
    As long as you need! This is a lifetime access service so take as long as you need to fully ingest the content and complete each step.
  • Do I need to print the workbook?
    The workbook received alongside of the video workshop is a digital and downloadable product with interactive clickable links and so it's not neccessary to print it off, however if you purchase one of our bridal planning packages, you'll receive a softcover version of the workbook.
  • What is your refund policy on the Video Workshop?
    Due to the digital and downloadable nature of ths product, we sadly do NOT accept any refunds. Please make sure that you feel this workshop is fully aligned for YOU before making any purchases.
  • Do you sell physical products?
    No, we currently only sell digital and downloadable products that are delivered to your email inbox upon purchase. We do however, offer a softcover version of the workbook which co-insides with our video workshop for our brides who purchase of our planning packages.
  • Where can we meet you in person?
    I would love to meet you! Wed-in-Bliss will be holding our very own wedding exhibitions as part of our luxury bridal retreats coming in December 2021. Yearly and Quarterly payment plans are in place and can be purchased by clicking on the relevant tabs in the menu. We have also toured with the National Wedding Show and hope to do more of this so be sure to visit the EVENTS section on our website for more up to date information.
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