Cloud-Based Solutions

Cloud-based communication solutions - VoIP and UCaaS - offer the most flexibility and mobility. Your workforce can be equally tethered to their office or home. Solutions can scale up or down, depending on the size of the workforce, and requires a lower capital investment. Additionally, we can configure traditional telephony endpoints for cloud-based communication.

  • Softclient for mobile devices and PCs
  • Point-to-point audio and video calls
  • Group audio and video meetings
  • Emergency Notification Services

Hybrid Solutions

A hybrid solution provides the flexibility, mobility and sophistication of a cloud-based communication system while retaining your existing installed assets. This solution is optimal for locations that have mobile employees but still require hardwired phones - such as a plant or contact center environment.

Premise-Based Solutions

A premise-based solution, as its name indicates, is rooted in a physical location. These solutions are the most stable and are resilient against network malfunction. The organization has full control of the system and can make immediate moves, chanegs and additions.

  • Retains existing assets.
  • Optimal for businesses that require uninterrupted internal communciation such as hospitals, college campuses and manufacturing plants.

Custom Applications

We engineer and configure complex voice systems for unique applications. We also offer comprehensive support plans for all of our systems.

  • Contact Centers
  • Integration with Third Party Systems
  • Emergency Notification Systems

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