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VISION - Introduction

Welcome to the first phase of your Bliss Bride Experience and it’s definitely the fun part so I want you to really savour every moment and do not rush this part 😍

Some query my method around visualising the big day before really locking in that budget but here’s why I teach that, I believe that nowadays we can recreate the most extravagant ideas on a modest budget and so because of that, in these early stages I want you to think BIG and dream about exactly what you'd like.

⚡️ You’ve already taken a quick glance at your budget in ‘The First Three Steps’ exercise and so you do know whether you’re working with £5,000 or 50,000. The budget is what it is and I’m not worried, I’ve seen stunning weddings produced on both versions of the purse strings.

For now, I want you to really dig deep, figuring out what your dream day could truly look like despite the budget. I want to know what textures and colours you’ll be using, what themes you’ll implement, the different types of entertainment. I want to know what’s IMPORTANT to you both as a couple.

Yes, I know family and friends are a given, they are the most important part but I’m talking about style and aesthetics at this point.

Don’t worry about having it all worked out, it’ll grow with you and over time. You’ll start to notice that things will sort of streamline itself once you lock in some of those key things and so that’s why I’ve created this training.

Today, we’re building your mood board and clarifying your vision so, let’s get started! 💖

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