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VISION - Clarifying Your Theme ✨

The idea of a theme can cause confusion but a theme will set the tone for the day and it will guide every aesthetic decision you make.

With so many styles to choose from, the choice can be overwhelming, but it doesn't need to be. In this video, I walk you through the most popular themes and how to choose yours! 💖

🚨 Once you've completed this section - use the link below to head back to The Main Event in your Bridal Portal, use the tools available in there to further guide you.

Once you're ready, feel free to book your first 1:1 Zoom Planning Session via the 'Book A Call' icon at the top of your VISION segment. Be sure to complete the workbook before your call so that we can really dive deep into what you're looking to re-create! 👉 BOOK YOUR 1:1 VISION SESSION

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