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VISION - Clarifying Your Colours 🎨

I’m always so excited to talk about colours and themes, there’s just so much room to play here! 🎉

Colours tend to be determined by season but there really are no rules so it’s whatever lights you up the most. Trends change often but I’m about to share with you the most popular colour palettes and how to choose them. So, what defines a great palette?

- Seamless blending -

So, if you look at the colour wheel, it’s divided into warm and cool temperatures. If you want a palette that packs a punch and offers impact, use contrasting colours like a playful yellow and blue or a black and orange is lively and powerful. You can even layer up with some bright blues, pinks, oranges and greens if you really want to make a statement.

For a calmer, delicate elegance you could look to choose a palette where you’re picking colours from the same family, ones that will blend seamlessly together.

These could be dusty blues with green, navy and grey, terracotta’s with a blush pink and green - basically muted tones are best for simplicity.

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