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Set-Up: Before the Big Day ✨

Set-Up: Before the Big Day ✨

Let's cover everything we need to address before the big day in this segment! 😍

It includes your Stationery (Part 1 & 2) plus all of your appointments and deadlines.

👉 Bridal Portal Set-Up Segment

💰 Your Budget Tracker

🖋 Invisible Ink Pen #1 / #2

📆 Download your BONUS 12 Month Countdown Calendar

🗣 Download your Final Touchpoints Toolkit

{includes Vendor Delivery Schedule & 24 hr checklist} ⬇️FEEL FREE TO COPY & PASTE THE EMAIL TEMPLATE BELOW FROM YOUR FINAL TOUCHPOINT'S TOOLKIT ABOVE: ⬇️Hello! Since we are swiftly approaching the big day, I wanted to drop an email over to finalise some details and offer the opportunity to ask any questions you may need the answers to? Below are some details about locations and timings etc. The Hotel/ Morning Venue address is: {Insert address of wherever you're getting ready}

{Morning venue} is about a {?} minute drive to the Ceremony {insert ceremony address} which is also {on-site/? minutes} to where the rest of the event will be held.

Timings: Ceremony starts at {?}.

We plan to all be completely out of hair and makeup by {?}am. The Page boys leave first at {?}

Bridesmaids & Bride leave at {?} Bridesmaids, Junior Bridesmaids and Mother’s are in {2?} cars. Bride & Father of the Bride are in a {insert car make & model} Ceremony should finish around {?} Wedding Breakfast is from {?} Evening guests arrive from {?} pm and there’s about {an hour and a half / 2 hours?} before we can get back into the evening reception room where the band will be because they are setting up. Cake Cutting and first dance from around {?} pm - - - For more information, timings of the day etc. you can look at our wedding website on {?}

Just in case you need to communicate with our {insert relevant supplier that you may feel they need to talk to ie. Photographer and Videographer work closely together} personally their details are:

{Insert point of contact, telephone, email and website of relevant supplier}

Really looking forward to it and can’t believe we are getting so close now!!

Let me know in advance if you need anything at all from me in the meantime so that we can avoid as many last-minute little fires as much as possible, please! haha!

{Your Name}

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