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Wedding Planning Made Easy!

Updated: May 28, 2020

Planning a wedding is hard because there are so many fast-moving parts to piece together.

The key is to master the ingredients of what is required in a wedding, breaking it down and setting yourself a plan on how to tackle it.

I tell my brides to spend some time visualising themselves walking through the day of the wedding, from the moment they wake up to the second their heads hit the pillow that night. You need to be sure that you're considering every possible scenario to allow yourself the opportunity to plan and prep your own way for navigating this event.

Below are a few Problems vs Solutions to highlight some of the issues around what could make a wedding difficult to plan.


Problem: Conflicting Advice

Solution:*Spoiler Alert* As much as you probably won't want to believe this, people care more about YOUR wedding than you think. By choosing the vision for your day early, you can stick to and stand up for your choices if you're challenged on them. Being indecisive could cause unwanted input from friends and family.

Problem: Sticking to your budget

Solution: It's definitely difficult to avoid the devil on your shoulder when it comes to the pitfalls of temptation - you never equated for the beautiful pair of Jimmy Choo's you've suddenly seen but HAVE to have! Set yourself a wide contingency (or as we call it in the budgeting section of the workshop - the 'Safety Net Stash') when making up your budget plan, to allow for moments like these!

Problem: Managing High Expectations

Solution: With the rising influx of social media (aka 'Pinterest Weddings'), it's easy to feel the pressure of creating this all-around experience for your guests. Find ways of accomplishing ideas on a budget. Have a go at sourcing the materials for cheap and then work on replicating the piece yourself through online tutorials.

Feel free to comment in the section below with any of your own personal reasons as to why you feel that wedding planning is hard and how you have worked around it? Maybe, you're struggling right now? I will do my best to answer your problems and to give helpful advice for moving forward!

Love & Light, Nikki xoxo

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