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Top 3 Tips for reducing overwhelm when planning your wedding!

Updated: May 28, 2020

The excitement, celebratory gatherings, social media likes, comments and shares have begun to fade and you're potentially finding yourself feeling overwhelmed by the ever-growing mammoth tasks that lay ahead when it comes to planning your wedding. You may have started off with the best intentions of being an absolute boss in bringing together your big day, but now you're finding that your to do lists are longer than your yoga mat with conflicting advice coming in left, right and centre. A twinge of anxiety begins to set in. You've not a clue where to actually begin and you're heavily aware of the many moving cogs within this marital machine to make sure that it runs as smoothly as possible with as little money lost unnecessarily along the way.

This is 100% NORMAL.

Many brides have experienced this feeling, especially in the beginning stages of their journey. Firstly, let's take a deep and calming breath because it’s all too easy to get swept up within the haze of it all.

Let's give you back the confidence and the control on how to plan your wedding!

Here's our Top 3 Tips to help you on your way...

1. ORGANISATION IS KEY Being on top of everything to the best of your abilities will be what gives you a stress-free and smooth planning process during this time. It will allow you to breathe, relax and enjoy your big day, before and after. 2. START OFF SMALL Baby steps will mean that you'll be ticking off that checklist with the confidence that you have completed each task fully. I will always give my brides three simple tasks to set them on their way at the very beginning of their wedding planning journey and from there we begin to build up the bigger picture.

3. PLAN A WEDDING THAT SUITS YOUR PERSONALITIES Whatever you decide for your big day is just perfect! Limit the input that you get from friends and family. YES, it's definitely coming from a place of love but too many chefs in the kitchen causes chaos. Take on board all of their advice but be sure to stick to your 'dream wedding' from our taster session! Work on creating a special day that speaks to your core values and ENJOY the process. Do whatever feels right for you and your fiancé.

Throughout this emotional but exciting time, keep reminding yourself why it is that you’re getting married. This day is to celebrate you and your partners love for each other. It's a day that is dedicated to the two of you and nobody else. Support is vital as you start to bring your visions to life, so don’t be afraid to delegate some responsibilities out, they don’t call it a bride tribe for nothing! Love & Light, Nikki xoxo

P.S - If you’re still feeling a little unsure and would like more guidance, tips and tools on how to plan your wedding, head on over to the website at for more information!

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