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The Shy Bride's Guide: Overcoming the Fear of being the Centre of Attention!

It's so easy to feel pressure when it comes to planning a wedding and not only because of the logistics but emotionally too. Women are typically and traditionally classed as the main organisers and visionaries for their big day, they wear the most eye-catching outfit and kick it all off by walking into and down the middle of a room full of silent, staring people. A shy bride's nightmare.

However, fear NOT because there are a few ways that can help to ease that pressure and those expectations that you're putting on yourself to create a magical day. It's about you and your fiancé, you're finally marrying your best friend and that's all that matters. Here are my Top 5 Tips for overcoming your fear of being the centre of attention at your wedding:

1. HAVE A WEDDING REHEARSAL - Whether you're a DIY bride or you have a wedding planner, make sure that a ceremony rehearsal is factored into your timeline. By knowing the framework of how it will all be carried out on the day, it'll put you at ease for any unexpected surprises.

2. KEEP TAKING TIME OUT FOR YOU AND YOUR FIANCÉ - I'd give this advice to all brides! The day goes so rapidly that by taking some time out with your husband/wife to keep catching your breath, will not only calm you down but it'll give you time to reflect on all of the wonderful things that are happening!

3. HAVE A GO-TO PERSON - Choose a family member or someone within your wedding party that you feel comfortable with and if you begin to get nervous, keep them in the loop so that they can offer ongoing support throughout the day.

4. FOCUS ON YOUR PARTNER - If you're not feeling comfortable looking at your guests when you're walking down the aisle then just keep all eyes on your best friend standing at the end of it. This should calm your nerves and bring you full circle back to why you're getting married in the first place.

5. HIRE ENTERTAINMENT - Divert your guest's attention away from you by hiring in a singer for the pre-ceremony and during the signing of the register!

Above all, remember that it's all in the preparation. I say this all the time, a prepared and organised wedding will be the key to a less stressed and anxious bride. Be sure that you are fully aware of exactly what is happening when, where you will stand and what you will say so that there are no big surprises on the day. Your health and well-being are most important, be sure that you have a fantastic support network around you and you'll start to ease into the day, enjoying the fruits of your labour that got you to this point. Nikki xoxo

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