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Top 10 Lockdown Date Night Ideas!

Updated: May 28, 2020

I am so excited to have just launched our Lockdown Date Night series, which airs on our Insta stories every day at 10 am! We're bringing you fun & exciting, stay at home date night inspiration! I have chosen my top 10 favourite date night activities from that series and have shared them with you below but not only that - you can download our gorgeous little Lockdown Date Night Kit completely FREE at the end of it all so that you can use our fun templates to enjoy a few of our ideas! So, here are my top 10 favourite date night ideas from our Lockdown Date Night Series...

1. WINE TASTING - Buy a few different bottles, taste and test each one!

2. FILM MARATHON - Watch an entire box set.

3. VIRTUAL TRAVEL - Choose a city, learn about it & cook that cities speciality dish for dinner!

4. SHARE A BUBBLE BATH - Pop a bottle and enjoy the bubbles.

5. COCKTAIL NIGHT - Invent new cocktails together & don't forget to name them!

6. TAKE A DANCE CLASS - Learn a new dance together via lessons on YouTube.

7. STARGAZING - Spot the constellations as you're wrapped up together in a blanket.

8. COUPLES KARAOKE - Competitive? Get the Karaoke channels up on YouTube.

9. HOMEMADE PIZZA NIGHT - Pop a bottle, turn up the music, dance and roll that dough!

10. LOVE LETTERS - Post each other love letters like they did before Whatsapp was a thing!

Let me know some of your own ideas in the comments below and don't forget to download your gorgeous little date night kit to use as inspiration for your next date night in!

Love & Light,

Nikki xoxo

Download your FREE

Lockdown Date Night Series Kit, packed full of cute templates and ideas right HERE!

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