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5 ways to stay organised when planning your wedding!

Updated: May 28, 2020

Whilst I mostly work with brides who are just starting out on their planning process, I also have many brides who join me at the last leg of their journey, once they have confirmed most or all of their suppliers. At this stage, it's all about how I can help her to stay on track and to execute the plans that she has envisioned for her big day. It's about putting in place a system that she can pass along the line to her wedding party and of course, learning the art of delegation, which is the key to success here! Below are our top 5 ways for staying organised when planning your wedding:

1. When in doubt, make lists!

I LOVE a good list! So, whether you're a lover of the traditional pen & paper or you're more of a digital kind of gal, be sure to consistently make lists for your tasks and the progress around them. Brainstorm, use the templates that we provide you with, set deadlines, decide if you can delegate the task and then check them off! It's incredibly fulfilling when you get to tick off a completed task!

2. Compile a list of your vendors.

Building up a directory of all of your suppliers containing important details like their phone numbers and email addresses, will mean that you will have everyone in one place if you need them. This list can be given to any trusted members of your wedding party in case of emergencies. It can also include details of your suppliers arrival times, balances paid and if they require a meal throughout the day.

3. Create a 'wedding only' email address.

You will be inundated with wedding centred emails once you begin signing up for certain websites. A way of streamlining and segmenting promotional emails, spam and supplier contact is to consolidate them all to one email. Have fun with creating the handle for this address!

4. Keep a paper trail!

It is vital that all communications between you and your vendors have a paper trail to avoid any confusions of any sort. The last thing you want or need is a miscommunication to add tension to the day, so even if you speak on the phone, be sure to follow it up afterwards on an email.

5. Take advantage of pre-assembled timelines.

There are many different timelines online for organising your big day in all areas surrounding the wedding. Using these will help you to keep on track with the essential tasks that need to be checked off the list for a smooth running operation. If you want a more in-depth version then be sure to take a look at the Wed-in-Bliss 12 Month Countdown Calendar, where I'm breaking up each task between the months into a realistic time frame. For more information, news and updates, feel free to visit the website at Happy Planning!

Nikki xoxo

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