Navigating this new Chapter!

Getting married is a chapter in your life. It's rare to often see clearly when our 'new' chapters begin even though we apparently change as human beings every 7 years!

Getting married is a clear beginning, it's the start of something new and with that can come a lot of amazing memories and emotional turning points too. It can also go the other way and leave you feeling a little lost. Maybe you've changed your last name and you're struggling to cope with that because you'd be the last one in your family to carry the family name? 

However you're feeling, we've got you covered with all of the expert advice and support to open up the conversation without shame or judgement. 

I'm ecstatic to introduce to you, two of my wonderful new Wed-in-Bliss family members who will be able to help you navigate this experience emotionally and legally! 

First up, Alexandra Schelling is the founder and creator of 'Toolbox For Love', a company dedicated to supporting couples at every stage of their relationship and she is your new resident love coach here at Wed-in-Bliss! With lots of exciting workshops and opportunities in the pipeline, you'll be feeling fully supported on the run-up to and post-wedding also. 

Next up, I'd like to introduce you to the wonderful, Rosie Beaven!
She has been a part of the Wed-in-Bliss community for a long time now and she was also one of our founding members of the Bridal Bootcamp (now The Bridal Retreat). 

Rosie is a UK Family Lawyer and she's here to help guide you around the legal aspect of planning your wedding, from Pre & Post Nups to Changing Your Name and Creating a Will. All super important information we must learn about how getting married affects us legally!  

Head to their pages below and get ready for incredible insight and continued support in these areas! 

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Alexandra Schelling

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Rosie Beaven