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Let's Talk Legals!


Rosie Beaven

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When we talk about marriage legalities so early on, it can probably sound a little alarming for newlyweds, however, it is important to open up a conversation around how getting married affects you legally and how to protect any potential assets, children and future decisions should the worst happen. 


Should you choose to do so, in this space we have also curated a checklist for changing your last name which we think you'll find super handy since this task can definitely get a little overwhelming. 


Teaming up with my good friend, family lawyer and original Bridal Bootcamper (aka The Bridal Retreat), Rosie Beaven, we've created so many tools to further break down this process for you all. 


You can also book a 30-minute consultation call with Rosie to talk through any issues you might be feeling right now in this area. From there, she can provide any further support that she feels you may benefit from.

Sit tight as we grow this space for you! 


Coming Soon!

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