Stuck for Inspiration?

Nowadays with the influx of Pinterest and Instagram, we're seeing a never-ending trail of absolutely stunning, personalised ideas that you can inject into your wedding.


Whatever you choose to add into the mix should be relevant to you and your fiancé. It's a fantastic opportunity to show your personalities, whether that might be along the lines of entertainment, food or something completely out of the ordinary.
I've given you access to the 'Little Details' montage from our exciting
video workshop to spark a few ideas for your big day but be sure to check out the Wed-in-Bliss Instagram and Pinterest accounts for an abundance of other ideas.

The wedding industry changes and evolves every single year with new and exciting trends rapidly appearing, so the options are seriously endless. It's important to create a mindmap whereby you can store ideas, making solid decisions on them later.

I have created for you, a space to gather your inspiration and ideas and you can download your 'Inspo Mindmap' freebie at the link below!

Happy Planning!

Love & Light, 

Nikki xoxo

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