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I cannot wait to see you in this totally FREE 60-minute workshop that's going to give you all of the tips, tricks and tools to support you in your wedding planning process.


Get ready to also learn the secrets, strategies and proven roadmap that allow my brides to plan their dream day – without all the stress.


Let's plan a wedding, shall we?


Nikki xoxo


Wednesday, Feb 15th, 2023 ➡️                                                           

From Undecided to Locking in your Colour Palette 

5 Steps' workshop at 7:00 pm (UK time)

Want to UPGRADE & UP LEVEL this masterclass experience for yourself?


How To Plan Your Wedding from Scratch

The new Mini-Course as part of 'The Bridal Suite Series'

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£17.00 GBP

It's time to eliminate those new bride wedding worries with this in-depth, step-by-step workshop on planning your wedding from scratch - perfect for the newly engaged couple who feel confused and overwhelmed, unsure of where to even begin with their planning! ❤️

Inside, we cover:

- Those first three vital steps
- Those all-important 15 core vendors
- Pinpointing your non-negotiables
- Common obstacles & how to avoid them
- Mastering and up-levelling your organisation skills 


- Learn the proven, exact strategy that I teach to my Bliss Brides on a daily basis for how to plan a wedding 🤩

👉 Plus, you'll find a few extra juicy bonus gifts to support your planning journey! 😍

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