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Girl, stop your scroll!

I'm going to need you to see these...

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Did you see that last slide?!

She said that planning her wedding has been 'so amazing and smooth' that she barely feels like she's done anything yet before her is a fully-fledged wedding and I'm going to help you to do the same! 👇

I know exactly what you want...




A step-by-step, easy to follow framework for planning your wedding

A community of like-minded brides to get excited and explore new ideas with

Personalised 1:1 support throughout the entire process


It's time to pull a Missy Elliot on your wedmin game!  


4 Payments of £400


Pay in FULL (Bam!)£1495


Please note: The brand new portal will be available from November 7th, 2021 but until then, you'll meet your WIB Planner and conduct sessions manually as we have done so in the past. You'll be informed as soon as you can access the new area.

Oh, hey Miss Bride! 

I'm Nikki!

...and I'm so excited you're here!

You must be hungry for growth, guidance and support in your wedding planning process!

Why me? Why now? Why THIS Bliss Bride Experience

Wellllll, I'll tell you but first, here's a little backstory:

I created the bridal bible that is Wed-in-Bliss to fully support and empower DIY brides, brides that are doing it all for themselves - planning their dream day! 

Yet, as much as we like to do allll the things, sometimes we just need a helping hand to guide us in the right direction, to make sure we're not tripping up on hidden costs or forgetting about those small but vital details when it comes to smoothly piecing the wedding together! 

And here's something else you've probably not paid too much mind to...your health and wellness

Planning a wedding is an emotional rollercoaster and our ladies asked for support around this, to provide more than just a strategy. They wanted to feel more confident in their bodies when it came to shopping for the dress, to build their immune system so that they're not sick on the day and in some cases, to lose weight on the run-up and so I decided to take a more holistic approach, one that addresses not just which feuding family member to seat apart from the other BUT one that tackles the emotional side of planning a wedding. I'm so proud to say that we now have a team of amazing, highly trained professional coaches to guide our brides towards success before the big day and it's called The Bridal Retreat! Just another layer to The Bliss Bride Experience!


You'll struggle to find a more empowered and positive community of like-minded fabulous women like ours 😉 


I created my own methods, planning techniques,
tools, guides and trackers


Feeling confused about what to do or book next

A simple, step-by-step framework guiding you from start to finish

No Budget Plan

A personalised, realistic budget plan for saving, spending & tracking 

Too much choice leaves you indecisive with your suppliers 

Access to our in-house, trusted supplier portfolio

Struggling to organise the entire day 

Dedicated tools for setting up the day with total success


& now, I'm going to do the same for you!

Pop Quiz!

But first...

Which describes you?

You're options are:

a.) You've dreamt of your wedding since you were little but realistically piecing it all together feels a bit overwhelming

b.) You're confident that you can plan your perfect day by yourself, but not really sure of where to begin to kick-start your flow

c.) You're ready to go full speed ahead on mission marriage 

d.) You crave genuine connections with other like-minded brides to share and explore new ideas with 


I'm catchin' what you're throwin'... Tell me more!

Alright, I'm onboard and I see you, girl!
You're bossin' this bride thing

You're already out here rocking:

😍 That gorgeous wedding planning journal

😍 A locked date in the diary

😍 A rough budget plan

😍 An idea on your guestlist

😍 A few eye-catching venues OR maybe you've taken the plunge and put that deposit down - signed, sealed and delivered baby!

The last thing you want is another blog post telling you the same generic things on how to plan your wedding, am I right?!

What you need is deep, personalised 1:1 support that still allows YOU to take the lead, it's your day, your rules and you could just use a solid plan to catapult you further. Not to mention you want all of the gorgeous tools and templates so that you can truly enjoy every step, knowing what's coming next to avoid that inevitable overwhelm. 


You want tactics you can implement today that will elevate your planning experience + take your organisation skills to next-level heights.

You’re craving actionable tools to help you plan with ease + infuse your individual personalities and joint memories throughout your special day.

You’re ready to skip the fluff and jump right to the heart of it. You’re ready to move the needle, and you’re ready now.

Oh, and you want to feel really good about what you’re doing, despite any friends or family having differing opinions. Because you should!

Yes? Let me hear you say it…




Bliss Bride


Become your own wedding planner!


You are cordially invited to the ultimate wedding planning party!

So, what's inside The Bliss Bride Experience?

Segment 1 - Building Your Vision

I meet two different versions of a bride on a daily basis, they've either had their wedding planned out, knowing exactly what they've wanted for years or they're feeling completely overwhelmed, unaware and ready to feel inspired.

Whichever version you resonate most with, you'll get the opportunity to dig a little deeper with this exciting segment of the package.

You'll learn exactly how to identify different themes and colour schemes so that when the time comes, you can find your ideal suppliers to help bring your vision to life!

- Identify and explore the different popular themes
- Choosing your Colour Scheme
- Colour Psychology & how it relates to your relationship
- Trending Colours

PLUS - 1 x Bonus Planning Call 

wedding diary 5.jpg

Segment 2 - Managing Your Budget

It's not the sexiest task but it is the most important!

Building a realistic budget plan is essential to avoid overwhelm and stress both before and after the wedding. 

Using my proven methods, you'll be able to map out a savings plan that's tried and tested for your big day. Weddings are full of hidden costs and so we want to prepare you for those so that they are not so much of a shock when they come along. Just another tool we'll use for success in this area.

- Map out your realistic budget plan 
- Understanding the average cost per supplier
- Lifting the lid on hidden fees
- Savvy Saving Tips
- Tracking your finances throughout the entire process

PLUS - 1 x Bonus Planning Call 

wedding diary 13.jpg

Segment 3 - Choosing Your Suppliers

Your suppliers play the most pivotal role in bringing your vision to life, so we've got to get them right! 

We'll be covering in detail everything you need to know around finding, booking and managing your suppliers so that everyone is happy and prepared for the approach to the big day.

- The first important key steps to cover
- Finding your dream supplier team
- The booking process and what to expect
- Need to know questions to avoid feeling overwhelmed right before the wedding

- Access to '
The Little Pink Pages', our in-house portfolio of trusted suppliers from across the UK 

PLUS - 1 x Bonus Planning Call 

wedding diary 65.jpg

Segment 4 - Organising Your Set-Up

It's one thing to know what you want and to get your suppliers booked in, it's another to piece it all together!

It's where I see so many brides fall into a false sense of security, taking their foot off the gas once they have their suppliers locked in. This is where the work truly begins. 

In this segment, we'll be implementing a step-by-step strategy for setting up the wedding exactly how you wish to see it all play out. 

- Your roadmap on how to piece together your big day
- Building your Schedules and Timelines 
- Delegating Tasks
- Shopping Lists
- Assigning your Master of Ceremonies
- Those final vital touchpoints
- Producing your 'Ultimate Set-Up Schedule', making it easy for anybody to help with the organisation and layout

PLUS - 1 x Bonus Planning Call 

wedding diary 61.jpg

Ready to plan your wedding like an absolute boss bride?!

Waking up on the morning of your wedding, stress-free & totally present

Feeling confident, armed with inside knowledge early on 

Gorgeous workbooks, tools and templates for every stage of the package

1:1 Personalised support for your own journey

Jeez, Louise, there couldn't possibly be MORE?!

Planning a wedding is an emotional rollercoaster that doesn't get spoken about often enough!

and I'm here to  change  that!